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We integrate the best technology together with the most qualified work team. We guarantee our strategic partners the best and fairest commissions.
How can we boost your performance?
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Increase customers’ conversion rate

Retarget your visitors (or add a new retargeting channel) to reach potential clients (on all websites where you are not retargeting yet). Our partner can easily exlude the retargeting networks you already work with.

Decrease cart abandonment

Stop losing sales! Boost the number of conversions from abandoned carts. Give your visitors an extra push. Our partners have great tools to make sure that the number of abandoned carts will drop!

Reach out to new audiences

Reach new clients by using a lookalike model or email marketing. Based on your current clients’ persona, our partners will introduce your brand/products to new audiences.

Increase your basket value

Increase your average basket value by offering incentives, free shipping, or a test product. In that way, you can encourage the clients to add products to top up the minimum basket amount.

Influencer marketing tools

Start with influencer marketing and generate more brand and product exposure. With an easy set up you get a great tech solution that allows you to track the performance based on tracking links or unique voucher codes and reward each influencer who brings a client!

Enter new markets

Are you thinking to expand to a country in Latin America or Europe? You are at the right place. Thanks to our strong long-term partnerships we can offer you an easy way of entering new markets.

Global presence
Thinking global acting local
The importance of localization for global approaches

Affluxo has a global presence in 4 countries, and partners and advertisers in the rest of the world.

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